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Expert launderette

Expert launderette and service washing in Maidenhead

Clean and fresh laundry

Ironing Services

No time for ironing and looking for a company you can trust to take a stress out of your day? Contact our team at Smartwash, on
01628 628 892  offer you fast, friendly, reliable and efficient ironing services. 

We promise that you will receive your freshly ironed clothes in the best condition.

Clean and fresh laundry

Smartwash in Maidenhead provides launderette and service washing services. We are open from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Our friendly staff are available to help with advice, change and washing powder, should you need it if you are doing teh washing yourself, or we can provide a same day service wash that will return your laundry neatly folded ready to put away.

Our smallest washers will take a large domestic machine load while our largest can cope with king size duvets, upholstery covers, washable curtains and other impossibly large loads. 

All our washers are fed with pre-softened water, this makes your washing powder go further so you need less than you think and your clothes will have a lovely soft feel to them.
'I love the way you fold everything. I never need to iron it' - Happy customer

Modern and innovative washers

At Smartwash in Maidenhead, our latest washers are equipped with ozone injection technology. Ozone is created from electrically charged air and injected into the wash. It is a chemical free disinfectant and ensures that your wash is 99.99% free of bacteria and viruses. It makes sure the machine is clean before and after your wash. The bubbles of ozone also help to loosen the fibers in fabrics, dislodging dirt and producing a cleaner wash. This action allows a lower wash temperature leaving your wash softer and cleaner and helping your clothes to last longer. We are the only launderette to use this technology.

To protect the environment we only use top quality phosphate free non-bio washing powders and liquids in our service washes, although you are always welcome to bring your own detergent if you prefer.

Get in touch with us today for launderette, service washing and dry cleaning services. We provide services across Maidenhead, Slough, Marlow, Cookham, Henley and Caversham.
service washing
For launderette and service washing call us on 01628 628 892
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